3 Hot Tips for Production and Promotion of Corporate Videos in Facebook

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Do you want to know the rules of video marketing to better promote your company and your products with corporate videos on Facebook? Here are 3 useful tips.

3 tips for producing effective corporate videos for Facebook

1 – Create corporate videos for Facebook that can be understood without audio

Unfortunately (for companies) the videos in Facebook start automatically without audio. It is in fact the user who has to click on the video in order to hear the sound of this content, and everything that is said before that moment is “lost”. This can often be a problem.

Many people connect with their smartphone and can’t always listen to the audio of a video. Think about it: maybe they are in a pub, on the train or in any place where they would still not be able to hear the sound.

In those cases, people feel less enticed to watch videos because they might not fully appreciate them, and simply keep scrolling through the feeds. All those users are users who have lost a content that could interest them and you will have missed an opportunity.

What to do to prevent this from happening? You can add subtitles to your video.

It will not guarantee, however, that all the people who will notice your video will stop to watch it, but it will help you to encourage more and more people to do so.

Think about how to make the most of your images and text in a creative way to attract the attention of your audience and tell your story. Make sure that the images are exciting in the same way as the audio and that they are able to carry the message you want to convey even alone or with the help of subtitles.

2 – Take advantage of Facebook direct to create connections with your users

Perhaps you never thought of exploiting this feature that the social network offers, but it will surprise you to know how useful this function can be.

When making a live, users are immediately informed that you have just started a live broadcast. This generates enthusiasm and interest in users who will be encouraged to open the notification to understand what it is.

It’s a great way to promote your brand and give yourself visibility, to announce new products or news, or simply to make a living with your followers. Furthermore, showing oneself to one’s audience increases a sense of trust in the user.

In addition, for anyone who could not connect at that time or for anyone who wanted to see it again, the live remains available as content that can be viewed on the page?

An important function that makes Facebook available for live shows, is the possibility of monitoring – right from the start – the curve of real-time users who have begun to follow the live, the moment in which they have connected, what was the moment of maximum peak, when they have lost interest, and many other things that you can take into consideration even afterwards.

3 – Create teasers to promote your products or services on Facebook

One of your main goals in addition to growing your Facebook page, is also to increase traffic to your website? No problem, videos can help you.

If you want to generate traffic on your site, the best choice is to create one or more video teasers to be published on your page, and in the post or as a first comment, add a Call to Action that refers to the full video on the site.

Remember though, in these cases it is good to try to induce the desire in the user, make him want to want to know more about that topic. To put your mouth watering then to satisfy your appetite only after all, but without ever showing the best parts in teasers.

There is nothing worse than going to see a movie whose best parts were already shown in the trailer, and the same thing also happens with your content.

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