5 Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

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Mobile devices and applications undergo constant changes which lead to the advent of new trends every year. While we have heard about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, newer trends have emerged in 2019. Let us have a look at some of the most promising mobile application development trends that will be dominating the industry in 2019.

Blockchain Technology to Gain Foothold:

Although blockchain technology was launched a couple of years back, it gained a foothold and came into the limelight in 2018, when many of the most established financial institutions gained huge profits off this technology with regards to assets. Transparency Market Research has predicted that the blockchain technology market will earn approximately $20 billion by 2024 and this technology will truly come into its own in 2019 to with mobile applications being developed to capitalize the decentralized currency platform.

More Developments for IoT:

The tech market is already abuzz with the Internet of Things or IoT technology and it seems that in 2019 it will gain new heights. IoT has expanded into multifarious industries including e-commerce, transportation, healthcare, construction, and more. It is being predicted to further penetrate into the real estate as well as the retail industry and help development smarter appliances and cities that will at the end of the day lower the carbon imprint left on our ecosystem.

It is also speculated that in 2019 IoT will also be introduced in the educational system as well to help the parents, teachers, and students stay in the loop with one another using their mobile to monitor the performance of the children in the class.

Increase of On-Demand Apps:

The app market is going to see some more interesting changes in 2019 with more sectors coming up with a surge of on-demand apps this year. While there are already a number of mobile applications in the market, there will be more in 2019.

Chatbots to Become More Significant:

Currently, chatbots are an essential element of almost all on-demand apps. Chatbots are a basically virtual assistant that allows the business organization converse and respond to the client’s inquiries quickly in real time without involving a human in the interaction. It is being predicted that 2019 will see the chatbots gain more significance in order for the market to reach 1250 million by 2025.

Wearable App Integration:

Wearable apps gained quite some attention in 2018 when the medical sector decided to use them for monitoring a person’s vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, and more on a daily basis. This year the market of wearable apps is likely to expand beyond just the medical field as more and more companies are vying to enter this market. The market of wearable apps will increase in correlation with the increase of more upgraded smartwatches in the market. The benefit of wearable apps is that it upgrades a person’s personality and as well as style.

While it is quite common for a smartwatch to monitor the vitals of a person, it is being predicted that 2019 will see a flurry of more fancy wearable apps being released into the market. These newly developed wearable apps with come with new features that will provide all that a person needs without touching the smartphone or tablet.

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is hard to imagine going about our day without even using any one. From weather to food to household commodities and travel, mobile applications have taken care of everything under the sun. As time passes and our needs develop with the change in technology, the user will demand trendier, faster, and high-responsive mobile apps to make our life simpler. The above-mentioned points are just some of the trends that you can expect to see in 2019. There is a lot more if you keep your eyes and ears on the ground.

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