5 Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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2018 witnessed some very exciting developments in the global mobile gaming market. While many of these trends will continue this year as well, 2019 brings with it some new developments within the industry that will dominate the market for the months to come. After in-depth research and analysis, we have come up with the five biggest mobile gaming trends that the developers must look out for in 2019. Let us take a look at them.

More Growth for the Mobile Gaming Market:

The mobile gaming market is nowhere close to stagnancy and appears to be growing more than ever. Although there are reports of the smartphone sales going down and Apple having to adjust their earnings, mobile gaming appears to be unstoppable.

App Annie has reported that 74 percent of total consumer spending in app stores came from mobile gaming in 2019, which made it the fasted growing sector of the gaming market. Furthermore, mobile games have taken over both console and PC gaming by taking in $70.3 billion in 2018, which accounts for 51 percent of the overall gaming market. App Annie has predicted that mobile gaming would go on to capture an estimated 60 percent of the market share by the time 2019 ends.

China’s Regulations Will Affect the Game Developing Strategies:

With the formation of the Ethics Game Committee and some regulatory reforms in China, it will become difficult for game developers and publishers to release mobile games in the country. Foreign mobile gaming companies will have to give time and invest in resources to adjust the game title to comply with the Ethics Game Committee of China. Therefore, only the companies that are confident of their game breaking the Chinese gaming market will make these adjustments, which, in turn, means that only the most popular franchises and titles will undertake this risk. The new regulations will also enable the Chinese gaming companies to shift their focus to the high potential overseas markets like Japan, the US, Europe, Middle East, and South Korea.

Hardcore and Hypercasual Games to Boost the Gaming Industry:

The hardcore and hyper-casual mobile games are the one behind the phenomenal growth of the mobile gaming industry. While the hyper-casual games have a knack of snatching the top spots of the app store charts quite easily, hardcore games like Free Fire, PUBG, Fortnite, and many more ruled the market in 2018. Experts predict that this trend of mid-core games ruling the market is likely to continue in 2019 as well.

Expansion of Epic Games:

In 2018 Fortnite maker Epic Games launched a digital gaming store on PC to compete with the current gaming market leader, Steam. It is being predicted that Epic Games will carry out a similar move with mobile gaming in 2019 to get the majority market shares. Epic Games has already bypassed Google Play Store early in 2019 and instead released the Android edition of the Fortnite though a dedicated proprietary launcher. Experts are predicting that the gaming company might replicate this move for its future mobile games as well and might also come up with Epic Games Store for smartphones.

Epic has already shown that it can successfully distribute games on a large scale basis and it seems that the company is developing feature rich tools solely for PC and mobile cross-platform development.

Paid User Acquisition Will Gain Importance:

Currently, the gaming industry has become a very saturated market, which is why paid ads are becoming very important. In both iOS and Android platforms, the growth of paid ads download have increased significantly and is being predicted to reach new heights in 2019. App Annie stated that the top games on the iOS platform managed to garner 20 percent more download through paid user acquisition as compared to the top games on Google Play Store. The global gaming market has also taken notice at the increased importance of paid UA and will likely put more emphasis on it in 2019 to earn more profit.

These are some of the mobile gaming trends that will affect the US and the global gaming market. The developers and publishers can use these trends to tap into the potential of the yet unexplored parts of the mobile gaming industry to gain immense profits.

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