5 Most Common Types of Logo Designs

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he field of graphic designing is very extensive. There is a lot of creative work that falls under the umbrella of the graphics designing, and logo designing is one of them. The fact is undeniable that the logo designing is one of the most creative work and requires a lot of creativity, inspiration, and artistic mind to create a perfect logo design for any brand.

It is very important that a logo designer possess a far-off imagination, and also the proper skills and knowledge of how to design the perfect logo design. It is also mandatory that every professional logo designer should have the proper knowledge about the logo designing tools as well in order to create the best logo designs.

There are so many logo designers agency Dubai that only look out to hire the professional logo designer who has a clear idea what they are doing and how will they carry out the logo designing work on the professional platform.

Types of Logo Designs to Know About

There are innumerable types of logo designs that are used in different industries depending on the requirements of the brands. Almost every big and reputable logo designers agency Dubai offers the logo designing services knows how to design all the primary types of logo designs. These basic kinds of logo designs usually include,

  • Wordmark Logo Designs
  • Lettermark Logo designs
  • Visual Double Entendre Logo Designs
  • Illustrative or Symbolic Logo Designs
  • Mascots Logo Designs

1. Wordmark Logo Designs

Those logo designs that include the entire name of the brand in it are known as the wordmark logo designs. These logo designs are usually used by those brands or companies who have a one-word brand name or smaller names to make it look appropriate. The logo design of the Sony Company is the best example that can be used to demonstrate the wordmark logo designs. As the name of the company is only a four letter word, it was highly appropriate for the brand to have a wordmark logo design.

2. Lettermark Logo designs

Lettermark logo designs are very much similar to the wordmark logo designs; the only difference is that in lettermark logo designs only the initials or the abbreviations of the brand names are used for the display. Lettermark logo designs are most commonly designed for those companies or brands which have more than two words in their company name or has a very big brand name that cannot be entirely covered in the logo design. Some significant examples of the lettermark logo designs include the logos of CNN, HBO, HP, BBC, NASA, and several others related to these.

3. Visual Double Entendre Logo Designs

Visual double entendre logo designs are the most creative and unique plans of designing the logo. This kind of the logo design is created in such a way that it plays tricks with the human mind and displays the dual meaning of the logo. For example, the logo design of the Airtime might seem like a clock, but if you look closely at it, you will be able to spot out that clock pointers are set in a way that it clearly gives the idea of the airplane, and there the purpose of the visual double entendre logo served accurately.

4. Illustrative or Symbolic Logo Designs

Symbolic logo designs are also commonly known as pictorial logo designs, as the logo design is comprised of the pictures or illustration of the images. It is used widely in many industries and is very popular. If you want to have a look at the examples of pictorial logo designs, then you can check the logos of the Twitter, Target, Apple Inc. Shell, and hundreds of other similar brands.

5. Mascots Logo Designs

Mascot logo designs are the ones that have the illustrative image of some character in it. Either it is represented by the imaginative cartoon figure or the cartooned character of some renowned personality. The best examples that lie in the category of the mascot logo designs include the KFC logo that has the Colonel’s cartooned image in the logo and the Planter’s logo design that has the image of Mr. Peanut.

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