5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Wikipedia for Brand Promotion

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Google, Wikipedia, and other such websites are good examples of how we are saving collective information for future use and for keeping a record. In fact, it is said that Wikipedia is the largest information body in the human history and since it is free, it is accessible to everyone who is able to use the internet. This makes Wikipedia one of the most visited sites with an audience range that is diverse and wide.

Human beings does not only record the information but they also want to share it for several reasons. Marketing is one of the reasons for information sharing. The credibility that is associated with Wikipedia is another reason for the popularity of the site and the characteristics like credibility and the accessibility to a huge audience make Wikipedia a good platform for marketing. There are a good many benefits of using Wikipedia for brand promotion and marketing. The benefits even overweigh the social media sites in some aspects. This article is going to list down five major reasons that makes Wikipedia an effective content marketing platform for brand promotion.

Top Resulting Site on Search Engines

Whenever we search for something online, the top search engine results always include Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that has comprehensible definitions for terminologies of different disciplines. This is why it has many search engine optimizing keywords. Wikipedia has a large audience body and people from all around the globe use the site for information. This is why the site always appear in the top search engine results, which means that the content that is on this site is accessed by a huge and diverse audience.

Presence over Internet

People nowadays trust the internet so much and they rely on it. Anyone who wants to check if a piece of information is correct, uses google immediately. For organizations, having an online presence is very important because without that, there is a possibility that numerous potential buyers will never know you exist. Wikipedia pages are a good way for having a permanent present over internet.

Builds Your Brand Identity

Wikipedia has a notability criteria that means that the products or persons who are on the internet are somehow popular. And as we all know, popularity is one of the influencing factors in brand building and it even affects the sales. A brand that has its presence on big internet platforms not only becomes popular, but it is also regarded as credible and respectable. These all points refer to how Wikipedia can enhance the brand identity of your product.


Credibility of a product plays a major part in making a product a priority of a potential buyer while choosing from a variety of products. Having a Wikipedia page makes a brand appear more credible because general readers of the site associate the credibility of Wikipedia with the product that is presented on the site.

Cost-effective Marketing

Unlike social media sites, Wikipedia does not require you to invest in campaigns frequently in order to keep your page highlighted and have enough customer response. With Wikipedia, you can have maximized benefits without needing to invest a lot of money or time resources. Also, social media requires fresh content regularly for maintaining an active participation whereas, Wikipedia needs to be only updated and monitored, once the content is up.

These are the reasons because of which entrepreneurs choose Wikipedia for marketing. Having a Wikipedia page is not a difficult task. You can either write an article by yourself or submit it for review or you can hire a professional Wikipedia expert to get the job done for you. You will have to pay only once and the rewards of it are unceasing. It will immediately lift the status of your organization and have a very positive impact on the reputation.

Moreover, there are many other points that make Wikipedia an effective marketing platform that can be rewarding for all kind of businesses. It helps a firm grow in the international market and have an extensive client range. It also helps spreading awareness about a product and extents the market by making more people aware of it, which directly affects the sales.

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