7 Vital Content Marketing Tips You Need to Know in 2021

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Content marketing is one of the most clever marketing strategies that can be used to build a business, its market image and bring the right crowd to it. So if you are a start-up, a business which has just started to boom or one which is working at its peak, with effective content marketing strategies you can achieve your desired targets in lesser time and with least expenses. Content marketing strategies when devised smartly, can help in boosting a business in many ways. 

Effective Content Marketing Tips

Brings traffic to the essential landing pages:

According to researches, about 72% of buyers turn to Google when they plan to purchase a product or service. Goggle, for most of the buyers, is one of the primary sources of information and answers regarding anything. And that is why it becomes necessary to promote your brand or product. An effective marketing strategy helps the right crowd reach you. And lately, content marketing has been doing wonders. And stats have proven this fact big time. It has been noticed that companies that have their own blogs have seen 97% more links to their websites as compared to the ones which do not. More links mean more traffic and more traffic leads to more engagement as well.

Advances brand awareness:

This factor goes unsaid. Because if more traffic is driven to a product or service, a large number of people will try the brand, interact with the company and thus spread the word too. This whole process will in turn boost brand awareness. According to the researches about 60%, more number of people are inspired to purchase a service or product when they read some content about it. There are several digital marketing companies in Gurgaon which help you boost your brand awareness.

Makes you more credible and trustworthy:

Credibility is directly proportional to brand awareness and usability. When people use your services and purchase your products, they give reviews about it. Through these reviews, you improve the quality and get aware of the shortcomings as well. When you improve, you become more credible and more and more people prefer such brands. Blogs and content marketing strategies boost website credibility. It goes unsaid that most of the new generation users think that blogs are a trusted source of information. Which is why about 85 % of the Genz and millennial buyers read at least five pieces of content during the purchase process, and half of them view more than eight pieces.

So, the importance of right content strategies cannot be ignored. And that is why here we bring you the top 5 content marketing strategies that are sure to boost your business in 2021.

AI-powered content marketing-

We, human marketers, tend to use gut feeling as a deciding factor as what to publish next. Sometimes our stories are come out to be a huge success while on other days our blogs go unnoticed. No matter how many strategies we apply and how much time we spend looking up the right keywords, topics, and much more, sometimes it is not enough. Turns out, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a major help on the science side of the content strategy equation. When you use AI-powered tools to create content, you get strategies that are actually backed by data, not your gut. AI devised strategies are bound to produce more personalized content and further, it will be able to target the right audience and bring out the best results.

Double the video content

Video content is going to be on a rise in the upcoming years.  In 2018, people on an average spent about an hour online watching videos each day. And this figure almost doubled itself in 2020. By 2021 we are expecting it to grow even more. Which is why video marketing is not going to get outdated any time soon. Having said that, it becomes important for a brand to use innovative videos to engage and find a new audience. Even Google prefers web pages that have videos. According to research in America, a content that comes with a video is 53 times more likely to show up in the top Google results which are indeed a huge number.

And just we can now believe that videos marketing strategy is a great way to improve search engine rankings and even help to increase the dwell time on your site.

The skyscraper technique in blogging

Google snippets have been a very popular feature which has gained a lot of attention of content marketers. When your content appears as a search result on the first page or as a snippet on Google, you can expect that large traffic will be driven to your site. You can use the skyscraper technique when you are writing a blog on a topic that was already covered by someone else who has already ranked in a snippet. In such a case it is better that you, strive to make it better than the most popular and best-performing article online by expanding upon existing content and adding more elements such as info graphics, videos, images and so on. This will help your content have an edge over the best one and give you a high-quality blog for your website too.

Voice search optimization-

The time when Amazon brought out Echo devices a lot of people started doing voice researches. And now, thanks to Alexa that most of the researches that are carried out online are done through voice command. Which is why if you do not optimize your content for voice search optimization, then chances are that your content might not reach your target audience even after being perfectly flawless and rich in knowledge. So if you want to avoid that make sure you optimize it for voice search as it is going to be one of the most popular content marketing trends of 2021.

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