8 Common Mistakes That Non-Professional Logo Designers Commit

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The logo is indeed a very powerful tool that is extremely helpful in creating the identity of a brand or company. It is one of the main assets that makes a brand renowned among the world. Without a logo design, it would be very difficult for everyone to recognize which product or services belong to which brand. It helps to gather more clients and as well as target potential consumers.

Since the logo has a very significant role, it would cost a brand a lot if their logo would carry a bad logo design. There are so Logo Designers Agency that strives to create the most outstanding logo designs for the brands to ensure that their reputation does not get damaged. Yet there are many Logo Designers Agency or beginner designers who made some great blunders costing the image of the brand.

Let’s have a more profound look at some of these mistakes.

Lack of Visuals

Using only textual words in the logo design can also be a big mistake when it comes to the brands that operate remotely and physically other than on the internet. Even on the internet, a double visual entendre logo design would become very popular.

Improper Use of Typography

The inappropriate use of typography can be in many ways. One could select the typography that is hard for the viewers to read, the text font is too messy to read, or the color of the background does not go with the background. Also, it will be a big mistake to use the mismatching fonts as it will confuse the customers. A logo designer must be very careful while selecting the typography to avoid any disaster.

Poor Spacing In Between Words

It happens with many beginner designers that they ignore the spacing feature of the logo design and design without properly putting gaps in between the words and lines. Spaces between letters and words should be arranged in such a way that they look organized and felt clean and easy for the customers to read.

Poor Selection of Colors

One of the major factors that cause the catastrophe of a logo design is that the logo designers ignore color psychology while creating the logo. There is an entire theory based on the selection of colors according to the type of industry and the audience that they target. Each color is divided into hundreds of shades, and each one of them depicts a very different story. Not choosing the colors by following the color psychology will cause damage to the image of the company.

The absence of Negative Spaces

If the typography of the logo design goes in more than two lines, then there is a need to be careful with the negative spaces as well, so that the logo would look good and have clear readability. Without the whitespaces in the logo design, it will fail to draw the audience’s attention towards the point of focus and will also cause trouble for them to read, causing the logo design to become a big failure.

Placing Elements Randomly

Another silliest mistakes that non-professional logo designers make often is that they place any object wherever they want, which is a very wrong practice. All the elements of the logo design must be aligned properly. Every logo designing tool has rulers and grids in it, so it would be best to use them to place the objects in proper alignment.

Use of Raster Images

Using raster images is the worst option unless there is a requirement of using it in the logo design for giving it a unique feature. Still, creating the entire logo using only raster images with decrease the quality of the logo design, causing the visuals to burst out upon zooming. Many beginners or non-professional logo designers are unaware of this fact, and because they use the raster images, it causes negative responses for the logo and the brand as well.

Not Verifying That the Logo Design Is Exclusive

Everyone knows that plagiarism is illegal all across the globe. Many logo designers come up with an idea of creating a logo, but it has already been implemented by some other company, so they change the designs in order to avoid plagiarism. Non-professional logo designers without even confirming that the logo they are creating has been used somewhere else hand it over to the clients that cause them a big penalty when anyone caught it to be similar to other logo design.

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