Big News: Google Plus is Shutting Down After a Serious User Data Breach

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Google plus was known for its important services such as Google Tez and was one of the most popular methods of online payment wallet among the Indian users. It was well known for its user-friendly interface and ease of access. Due to its instant payment options and easy transactions, google Tez or google plus was among the topmost application for the online wallet. But in the recent events, google plus has made into headlines and this time because of its security breach. According to their policy and guidelines, Google promised users for data security and privacy. They promised not to share user information with any third party users but despite this users information was leaked. Earlier the tech giant Facebook also faced the issue of the data breach by the British company Cambridge Analytica who leaked information of about 87 million users and the user information was used in 2016 elections of United States of America.

According to the statement given by Google headquarters, user data of about 5 hundred thousand people was hacked. On 9th October 2018, Google announced that they are planning to shut down their Google plus services. An apology has been given by Google headquarters too. After this statement, it is likely to affect the business of millions of people who were dependent on this online wallet platform. However, Google still has not mentioned the reasons and loopholes for the security breach. In a blog post written by Google, they stated that the security breach happened in the month of March 2018. It has been the biggest security breach after the data leak in Facebook. Various cybersecurity experts have stated that it was an unfortunate event and not only Google but other big tech giants should improve their level of security.

The current CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is likely to give a statement before the Congress. According to the article published by “The wall street,” Google found a bug in a project review called “Strobe” which was responsible for the data theft and security breach of around 500K+ users. The bug was linked with an external application which was a third party application and wasn’t a part of Google developers. It is expected that personal information like email addresses, pictures, zip codes, transaction history, bank statements, wallet information, and other information might have been hacked by the bug. Google has stated that they will shut down the Google plus services after a short period of time so that users don’t have to face any issues and can migrate to some other platform. It is likely to be noted that the Indian government will look at the issue and send a notice to Google and ask them to state the reason for the breach. No information about the list of affected users due to the fear of regulatory scrutiny. The wall street journal also has stated that Google is not likely to disclose the matter with Application program interfaces (API).

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