“Florida 2” – Google Releases March 2019 Core Update

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Danny Sullivan, who recently joined Google, has confirmed that the Mountain View company will be updating its algorithm and stated that it will be a board core update. Google has apparently decided to call it Update Florida 2 and has announced that it will be quite huge and important.

How Big and Important is Google Update?

It is being said that Update Florida 2 is one of the biggest core updates Google has received in recent years. It has been observed in the past that whenever Google rolled out a major update, it affected the way sites ranked on the search engine. As a matter of fact, only last year Google released an update called Neural Matching. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to assume that Update Florida 2 will also be on the same scale.

What is the Goal of this Major Core Update?

A core update essentially means that Google will not be targeting any particular or niche signals. However, a broad core algorithm update, like the one Google is releasing will not be targeting anything.

Therefore, broad core updates do not aim for niches, qualities, or websites, which is why Google stated that Update Florida 2 will not be fixing anything. The best way to understand broad core updates is to focus on relevance related factors rather than thinking the Google will be targeting niches or low-quality pages.

The Definition of a Broad Core Update

Broad core updates are essentially rolled out to enhance Google’s overall algorithm with the expectation of understanding the webpages and search queries in a more evolved manner. These updates will help Google match webpages to search queries more accurately, thus improving overall user satisfaction.

What was the Update Named Florida 2?

There is an interesting piece of history behind naming this update. In the early 2000s, Google considered its Florida Update to be quite a major one. It was named so the first time because it coincided with the PubCon Florida SEO conference.

Surprisingly, history seems to repeat itself, as there are rumors that the second update will be coinciding with the 2019 Pubcon Florida conference. Therefore, it was mutually decided by WebmasterWorld, who have been naming Google Updates till date, and Brett Tabke, the founder of Pubcon, that this update will be called Google Florida Update 2. However, Google will be officially calling this the March 2019 Core Update.

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