Google June 2019 Core Update has Rolled Out; John Mueller Discusses the Core Update on Webmaster Conference

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Google took a total of five days to roll out their massive June 2019 core algorithm update. The update was released on Monday, June 3rd and was fully rolled out by Saturday, June 8. Google has many data centers and servers all over the world and it takes some time for all of them to receive an update of this size. This is why, it took five days for the June 2019 core update to roll out completely.

The June 2019 Core Update: How Big was It?

Analysts are still mining relevant data so as to assess the exact impact of this recently rolled out core update. While there were some early data regarding the update when it was still being rolled out, nobody knew for sure the changes it would bring to the fore. However, it has come to the news that large media publications like the CNN and the Daily Mail has been hit badly by the core update.

However, once the update finished rolling out John Mueller from Google answered some of the questions pertaining to the core update in detail in a Google Webmaster hangout conference.

John Mueller Answers Questions About Google June 2019 Core Update

When John Mueller from Google was asked what to do if a website was experiencing a traffic loss after the June core update hit the systems, he provided the following solutions.

The Update Will Fix Nothing:

With regards to the person’s question, Mueller said that there is nothing specific that can be fixed as the core update functions on multifarious factors. The Google webmaster explained that “it’s abit tricky” to talk about a specific fix as there isn’t any. For example the speed update focused on the speed of the smartphone and how it would affect the website, With regards to the core update, there wasn;t any such specific issue to focus on.

Quality and Relevance of the Core Update:

He went on to discuss Google core update with regards to quality and relevance updates. While he did not mention that the core updates specifically were just about quality and relevance, he mentioned those terms to show these updates do not always have specific issues to be fixed,

With a lot of the relevance updates, a lot of the kind of quality updates, the core updates that we make, there is no specific thing where we’d be able to say you did this and you should have done that and therefore we’re showing things differently,” said Mueller.

Core Update Overlaps with Another Google Update

While people were trying to understand and anticipate the changes the June 2019 core update would introduce on the Internet, few noticed that the core update overlapped with a Google diversity update.

While the Google June core update started on June 3 and finished rolling out on June 8, the diversity update started rolling out on June 4 – a day after the core update was released – and ended on June 6.

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