How Wikipedia Can be Used as a Best Marketing Tool?

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Internet, undoubtedly, is a hub of informative content. From the definition of scientific terms to the ancient philosophies, you can find everything on the internet. But there is one serious problem with the information found on the internet; most of it is not credible. This problem was addressed by some entrepreneurs who come up with the idea of creating a website that can provide reliable encyclopedias on a huge range of information. As mentioned on official Wikipedia page, the purpose of the site is make authentic and reliable information accessible for everyone. The site does not only help researchers and readers, but it also has a good reputation as a marketing platform. Wikipedia largely revolves around one concept and that is, ‘Credibility’. Its credibility is what makes it a priority for its users.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia was first launched in 2001. And it is hard to believe that in a very short period of time, Wikipedia has established a reputation among billions of its users around the globe as a credible website for encyclopedias. Wikipedia is a multilingual site that contains information on various subjects and all of its content is free to be used and edited by anyone. However, Wikipedia has a rule to publish only those articles and approve only those edits that have verifiable references. These policies are what make the site popular among readers and keep its content politically unbiased.

Wikipedia for Marketing

If used properly, Wikipedia can be a great marketing tool which you can use to enhance your brand image and validate its worth. But if you fail to understand how the site works, you may fail to get published there. For instance, Wikipedia do not allow you to post promotional content and so you will have to come up with unbiased content, otherwise you would not get published. This article is focusing on how you can use Wikipedia as a marketing platform and yield the most benefits out of it.

Why Wikipedia?

First let us understand why marketing through Wikipedia is a good idea. The fact is that the reputation of the site influences the general public to a great extent. The site impacts a large number of its users by being a source of information that they regard as credible. In fact, it is one of the most useful sites for a diverse group of its readers. The association of credibility with the information that is present on the site makes it a good platform for marketing. Businesses and personalities that are listed on the site get to have a validation that add a lot of value to their status.

Benefits of Having Wikipedia Page

Having a presence on the Wikipedia can provide you with a number of other benefits as well. You can become a worldwide known person or brand. By accessing the Wikipedia writing services from any freelancing writing company, you can create your own Wikipedia page with all the necessary information about your brand with reliable references. Unlike social media marketing that impacts only a small range of audience, Wikipedia lets your brand to be exposed to a range of audience that is present all over the world.

It Needs Maintenance

We learnt how having a Wikipedia page can benefit you in building a reputable worldwide brand image. However, you must understand that having a page on Wikipedia requires constant maintenance and update of the information on your page according to the changes that occur. You can monitor your Wikipedia page on your own and edit it time to time by yourself, or you can hire the Wikipedia writing services from any writing company to monitor and update your online Wikipedia page.

How You Can Do It on Your Own

If you are willing to manage your Wikipedia page by yourself, you will have to make a Wikipedia account. This account will enable you to write Wikipedia pages and edit the existing pages as well. However, Wikipedia provides its writers and editors with a list of rules that they have to follow through in order to get their work approved by the site. So if you are planning to take things in your own hands, read all the instructions before starting. Also, you will need to do extensive research before writing because all your writings should be highly credible to be approved by the site.

Things Not to Do

However, Wikipedia is free to all and it allows everyone to edit the information present on the site. This policy allows people to be able to challenge and question all the information on the site and edit it if needed. So if you would try to insert any kind of fake information on the site, the editors and the writers of Wikipedia will correct it. Also, putting incorrect information on the site or messing with the information that is already present on the site can get your IP address blacklisted by the site.

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