How will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Jobs in Future?

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Jobs scenario will be soon revolutionized with the rapid integration of Artificial Intelligence. It is predicted that more than half of the jobs will be replaced by the next decade. A study conducted by PwC says that in the U.S.A, more than 38% of jobs would get replaced by AI over the next 15 years and are at higher risks.

Artificial Intelligence has paved its way through numerous fields& industries including advertising, health, finance, education, and inside some of the workplaces too! The most common interaction of ours with an AI-powered tool would be Chatbots, be it when asking for aninsurance-related query or somewhere else. They have eased our communicational services with the company but surely have removed some of the customer executives sitting there in the office.

The long-term impact on Jobs

It is quite sure that many may have to lose their jobs with the introduction of AI in their workplace, but is there something you can do on your behalf to push yourself to a much better position? Yes. As much as jobs would be diminished due to AI introduction, the same number of jobs would be created too. This is the beauty of technological advancements. But something is needed to be done your behalf and that would be, evolve!

Workers in different workplaces have to evolve their role and create a better position for themselves. And for this, you have to put up keen observation of the technology taking over your workplace, its trends, the inevitable changes, and the technologies being experimented. And then, sit tight and ponder hard in which slot human element is still required.

There surely would be no long-term impact if you have found the human element and have put up yourself for it.

Transformation of jobs or employee experience

Employees are gradually going more comfortable in putting up their inquiries be it factual or transactional to Chatbots rather than a face to face talk. They can ask more personal questions without hesitation to AI tool. Thus AI should be considered as the latest HR member for your company.

Many companies are using AI as HR member to write unbiased yet effective job descriptions or using the web-based analytical video interview process to hire. Many barriers also have emerged between the present team members such as the inability to handle such technology or the fear to lose the job itself. But apart from this, digital transformation has made the trio of HR’s work i.e. sourcing, recruiting & engaging the employees have been made much easier.

Streams to ignite digital transformation

  • Experiment with a various range of Chatbots and embrace new levels of AI

Try to introduce a proper sort of chatbot in your workplace or as an HR member. These virtual assistants can schedule meetings, provide personalized health assessment, generate documents etc.

  • Identification of newer versions of jobs & roles to fully integrate AI

Transformation of employee experience will surely contain emergence of new job roles, which helps to move an organization forward. AI can be used to fulfil or ease such needs like massive hiring, software development, or taking iterative & incremental steps.

  • Counselling of HR members to up-skill their knowledge to takeover AI smoothly

An expertise should be built within the HR team members to make them have a much greater share of how AI will impact their work. They should be taught of some latest stuff like new AI-based services & products, or on how AI can stitch to help create the better customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour, to build up your organization, to thrive in the 21st Century. A worker should never feel down and indeed should seek the better side, of having better job option.

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