Liven Up Your Creativity with These Top 5 Drawing Game Apps

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The traditional methods of drawing and painting are still popular if your goal is to learn how to draw. However, drawing on paper every time would become stagnant and an individual would surely want to test something new out. For that reason, drawing and painting apps exist that have been gamified for a fun and entertaining drawing experience.

If that is what you are looking for, then we have compiled top five drawing games that you can get creative with.

Draw Tile

A puzzle and artwork-based game, Draw Tiles is currently only available on the Google Play Store. This game is made to build the user’s technical skills by making him complete certain drawings using shapes and the right symmetry needed for each shape. The game’s concept aids in building aspects of logical thinking and actions into the user’s mind along with a flair of fun and entertainment. The game’s features include the four main principles of symmetry, which you will have to use to clear 490 levels by drawing unique shapes and patterns.

Draw and Guess

Being available on both the Android and Apple App Stores, Draw and Guess, as the name suggests, is an app that focuses on visuals made for both drawing and guessing. You can say that it is similar to Pictionary but it lets you play the same game on your mobile device instead. The game begins with displaying three different words for you to choose. You have to draw your chosen word in the app and the rest of the players would have to guess it. This is a great yet simplistic game concept that is not only mobile but has easier accessibility and usability as well.

SketchParty TV

A purchasable, Pictionary-based game, SketchParty TV is available for both the iPad and Apple TV. This app lets you draw on your iPad and whatever you draw is visible on the Apple TV. SketchParty TV lets you choose from five words and the rest of the players are given two minutes to guess the word correctly. The integration with Apple TV makes it unique therefore; both children and adults can play this game. However, the tools and features are simple and basic so you should not expect it to let you create a professional children’s illustration on the app itself.

Draw Your Game

A crafting game, Draw Your Game, lets you explore your creative abilities by allowing you to craft and construct your game all by yourself. You can download this game on both the iOS and Android app stores, however, to use it you would need to draw the surrounding, obstacles, and environment of the game in a hand-drawn manner. Once you are done creating, take a picture of your creation, export it into the game and complete the levels present in the app itself. The availability of drawing inside the game is also present so you can customize it to according to your liking.

Mini Metro

A simulator-based game, Mini Metro is an iOS game that lets you simulate your own virtual subway. You are able to draw a subway map or a system for a city’s transit system by simply by drawing lines on the map of your selected city. You can select from over 20 cities and form the map for stations using unique patterns, trains and various other resources needed for the creation of a subway. Mini Metro also contains different difficulty levels such as a normal and extreme mode to make the game even more challenging for the user.

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