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5 Major Factors to Consider for Choosing a CRM for your Business

Choosing a CRM

“The goal as a company is to have customer service is not just the best, but legendary,” said the greatest American entrepreneur Sam Walton. With a view to delivering the highly satisfactory services to a business’ customers, a fantabulous approach of management came into existence which is popularly known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The […]

6 Most Trending Mobile App Ideas for 2018

Mobile App Ideas

For one well-framed idea, you need at least 100 of ideas in your mind said a renowned philosopher. Now, you may be in the dilemma that whenever you try to figure out one innovative idea for the development of a new mobile application, you find that there are already multiple applications are available on Google […]

Google Assistant – the Replica of Your Personal Assistant

Google Assistant

Introduction Google Assistant is an extension and replacement of Google Now. So now the question arises, what was Google Now? Basically, Google Now was a feature of Google App which predicts search results and updates based on the user’s search preferences. To understand Google Assistant, one must be familiar with a software agent naming ‘virtual […]

Top 5 Free Medical Apps for Professional Nurses

pill identifier

Being a professional nurse is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. They are always on the roll, looking after the patients, and monitoring their health status round the clock. Sometimes they are also required to take split decisions during an emergency. In these crucial moments, the smartphone can be of major help […]