Presenting Apple’s Latest Innovations & Tools for Classroom

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The largest brand in the world, Apple, has made some serious commitments in the progressive classroom, providing educators and students with apps & tools like Apple Teacher and Schoolwork.

The iPhone manufacturer has pushed its limits to get its product more acquainted with students. With their latest talks held at Lane Tech College Prep, the largest public high school in Chicago, it unveiled its latest tech i.e. a new iPad.

The following goes some briefing regarding new programs and tools introduced.

Classroom App for Macs: 

This program allows the educator or the teacher to keep a track of student’s ongoing in the class. Teachers can see what their students are doing whilst the class is going on and hence can easily help the students to focus right on what ’s needed. This app would be made available in its beta state in June.

Apple School Manager:

This app helps the organisation or a school’s administrator to create individual or bulk Apple IDs easily. Apple claims that a teacher can make IDs of 1,500 students in less than a minute.

Schoolwork App: 

This cloud-based app allows the teacher to manage handouts and assignments easily. The teacher can manage reminders, web-links, PDFs and can also point out some major apps with their usage guidelines to students. This app would be made available in the month of June.


It’s a developer tool allowing software makers integrate their own apps into Schoolwork.

Apple Teacher:

This app made specifically for tutors and Educators, this professional support program can help them to evolve as a better teacher and earn badges as they progress.

Everyone Can Create:

This program provides free resources to the teachers in creative areas like video, music, drawing and photography. Currently now in preview mode, more contents are proposed to be added within summer.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said: “This is an important day for Apple & we hope it’s an important day for students and teachers around the world too”.

Google, which has already taken some serious progression in the classroom & education initiative with its Google Classroom started in 2014, is one of the major competitors to this Apple’s initiative. Google Classroom is free for schools and enables the teachers to initiate classes and also manage the assignments given to students. Google also allows special access to GSuite apps for students which includes Docs and Sheets.

The competition between these two giants will only throw up progressive results for students. While Google, still having a larger share of the Kindergarten-12th standard education market, near about 60 percent, whereas Apple has been successfully established in 17percent of the market only, as researched by Futuresource firm. Google is still the major choice to go-for as chosen by educators. More than 30 million students across the world use Google apps and other products like Chrome OS-powered Chromebook or Google’s affordable laptop.

But Apple is not so behind and have offered some of the greatest deals be it hardware-wise like giving a free iPod when students bought a new Mac. Apple changed the scenario of digital textbooks with its iPad launch in 2010 and is looking for the same breakthrough now. Apple has made previously a big deal Los Angeles Unified School District to supply iPads, but the deal ended up on the wrong note when weighed down with many problems and the deal was cancelled.

This time Apple is making sure that their every step hits the right note and looking for bulls-eye too! They announced their new student-friendly iPad combined with Apple Stylus which would cost around $299 to schools hoping to take on Chromebook in Educational Institutes.

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