Top 8 Animation Styles You Must Learn In 2019

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It the era or realistic animation and graphics, and it’s a fact that every other person these days are familiar with animation. Either you are an expert animator or only a beginner with greater thirst for learning, you might get interested in learning, and that’s the reason we are here to help you learn the convolutions of 10 animation styles.

The 2D animation

the hand-drawn traditional 2D animation is all about being independent for styling, and the primary purpose is to compose, characters, storyboards, and sets with the 2D environment. In the early times to make 2D animations, alive people had to take photographs or draw on the paper and then shift it to films. It might sound funny, but now everything has been digitized. With the help of computers everything has been done with software and in spite of the rise of 3D animations and 2D techniques still, stand out.

The 3D animation style

The 3D animation has mainly taken the animation industry by storm. No one has thought that in future the objects will become so realistic that they might appear in the 3D space and can be easily moved. Well to affect, you need to learn how digitally the characters are modeled, sculpted and precisely given the skeleton that you can make movements with and manipulate. All it takes is the individual frames and rest is done automatically.

The animated whiteboard video

The white background, the drawing in connectivity and the drawing hand is what makes the animated whiteboard video completes and makes it stand out from the other styles of animation. The whiteboard animations are the best educational tools and ease the multiple messages by making it highly engaged and fun to watch. After all, we are all humans and can’t resist any story being told in a new means and characters that gives you a personalized feel.

Whiteboard animation has been into practice for many years and is regarded as the best types of explainers. The moderate design of the style facilitates the audiences to focus on the script and not get engaged with other stuff that might be so many visual effects. This is the process where the story is composed of drawing on the whiteboard.

The Rotoscope Animation

The animation technique that helps animator smidgen over the small video in software is no other than rotoscoping. The method has a history connected to the old days of cinema where animators make use of the projects imaged live-action movie images on glass sheets and trace over it. The American animator created the equipment and called the rotoscope. As with the modern era of animation, the material was replaced by the digital means.

Typography Animation

As the name suggests it’s the blend of text and motion, the type of animation is especially popular with cinematography since it’s employed during the title appearance in movies. If you are desirable for font faces and standards, then you need to watch the film Atlantic that is made with the typography animation. There are much other software to create new font faces you can make use of it as well.

Stop Motion Animation

The stop motion animation is also named as the stop framed animation where animators physically manipulate the objects making it appear as the purposes are making moves on their own. Or you can say that it’s a complete sequence of frames that are played back by composing the illusion of action and movement. If you still want more explanation think of the film corpse bride, the film will make you clearly understand the concept of stop motion animation. Or you might have watched “The Teddy Bears” that is one of the earliest stop motion animation films.

Mechanical Animation

The animation is practiced visually to show the configurations, associations, and operation of different mechanical objects and their parts. You might agree that depicting the functionality of these objects with animation is entirely secure that creating the original version. It ensures you that the results are of high end and provides animation is real and flawless.


The Disney animatronics as the name suggests is the robotic animation, and the idea is originated by the Walt Disney Imagineering. They crafted the robot named Otto to amuse the visitors with Disney theme parks. However, the trend was so viral that the companies also started making use of the animation style to earn more business and profits. The robots composed through the means of animation can make moves and make noises. They can even know if someone is in the room, talk to them and tell their mood.

The technology is driven by the sophisticated cameras and sensors facilitating Otto to choose what to say and how to act. The whole procedure is prevalent so the show it can be done over and over. Now the term animatronic covers the category of small robots than Disney.

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