Top Most Tools For Digital Illustration

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With integration technology in every aspect and industry, the profession of illustration is nothing different from this digital and technologized takeover. In today’s highly digitalized world, people more rely more on machines and digital devices to get things done. Be it a construction work or graphic designing, our reliance on machines and devices seems a bit uncanny at times.

On the other hand, designing and media production companies have gone through a thorough revolution. There no single task in these industries which doesn’t involve the use of digital tools or software—such is the case with digital illustration.

Digital illustration is a process creating artistic masterpieces while using unconventional means. Illustration in today’s world is done through only tools and software packages. The process of creating digital illustration is simple, and all it requires is a highly imaginative mind filled with creativeness and innovativeness.

The best part about digital illustration is that all you have to do is to make a few strokes of a mouse or similar peripheral device, and you can acquire high-quality illustration within minutes. Considering the high demand for kids book illustrations, the demand for creative illustration is also increasing with it. However, with availability and ease of accessibility of digital tools, the artists and illustrators can be more productive and creative with their ideas and thoughts.

These digital tools not only save the time and efforts of the artist; rather, they are also redefining the methods and techniques of traditional illustration. Furthermore, with digital tools and software packages, the illustrators can easily share their artworks with the online world. Here are some of the best illustration tool to create masterpieces:

•    Procreate:

Available only for iOS, procreate is still one of the widely-used and globally preferred illustration tools. From providing crisp graphics and advanced features, Procreate is one of the advanced and innovative illustration tools. To use this tool, all you need is an iOS device like an iPad, as is preferable to have a large screen while using Procreate. Use a stylus an Apple’s pencil to make amazing sketches and illustrations.

•    Adobe Photoshop CC:

Popular for its photo editing and enhancing features, this software package comes with an advanced customizable brush. This highly affordable software is all you need to make remarkable paintings and illustrations.

•    Corel Painter X3:

Regardless of its high cost, numerous digital illustrators and professionals use Corel Painter X3. The reason behind such extensive preference and usage is the advanced features and incredible built-in tools. The best part about this tool is the advanced brush settings for high-quality textures and patterns. The tool allows you to preview brush stroke, which helps in smoothening your masterpiece. Another great thing about this software is its wide-ranging category of colors for both the dry and wet media illustrations.

•    Clip Paint Studio PRO:

The software is known for its amazing production quality of manga characters. The tool is equipped with several features; some of the best ones include watercolors, pastels, paints, and oil paints. The software has evolved a lot from being a mere manga character illustrator to being a digital drawing assistant for numerous architects.

•    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro:

The software is best for improving and mastering various painting skills and techniques. Featuring eighteen blending modes, the software allows you to mix numerous different colors as per your requirement. The tool consists of a predictive stroke feature for sharper and clearer image quality.

•    Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9:

The software offers incredible features and countless illustration possibilities. Having more than sixty live effects, the software allows you to unleash your creativity in numerous ways. The best part about this tool is that it has a 3d extrude toll which allows you to create 3D-shaded shapes and images.


Digital illustration is all about having complete command over digital tools and a comprehensive skillset amplified by creativity. Creating artistic imageries requires a willingness to make an impact and introduce innovation in illustration methods and techniques.  

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