Use your Smartphone to Track your Health and Lower Cholesterol

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There is no dearth of apps that claim to help you lower your bad cholesterol. But none of them focus on discipline to control LDL levels in your body. A number of mobile health apps, such as FoodAdvisor, MyFitnessPal, HowUDish and many others help you track the amount of LDL in foods you actually eat. Still others will want you to read through reams of content on the benefits of food items.

Enforcing Discipline to your Cholesterol Reduction Goals

People struggling with high LDL cholesterol face a lot of problems in taking control of their diet and restricting fat-filled foods. The complex and technical content available through apps or websites only add to the confusion. Dr. Janet Brill’s ‘Cholesterol Down on the Go’ moves away from the complexities and focuses on simple, achievable plans, detailed step-by-step. The user is not left floundering or trying to work out her own plans, the way she understands. Cholesterol Down on the Go provides simple descriptions of easily available healthy foods that you must include in your daily diet and how to follow the regimen.

Where Cholesterol Down App Scores Over The Rest

The major difference between ‘Cholesterol Down on the Go’ and other similar apps is that it is based on the bestselling ‘Cholesterol Down’ by Dr. Janet Brill. The book details a 10-step plan to reduce LDL Cholesterol by up to 47% in four weeks, without prescription drugs. The app brings you the entire plan and knowledge of the book in an easy to follow format in your device.

The App offers an easy-to-follow regimen combining exercise with known heart healthy, natural food items. It has a Daily Tracker, and LDL Log and other tools to help you reach the LDL goal you set. You will find a significant reduction in your LDL levels in just 4 weeks. All one needs to do is enter a daily log and check whether you’ve met the target for the day. The app will notify you when you’re falling short of the target.

The app also gives you the benefits of each essential food group item. Some of them can be eaten raw straight off the shelf. There are easy to follow recipes with neatly detailed cooking instructions or preparation. The recipes are fun and deliciously done.

Dr. Janet’s 10-Point Plan to Lower Cholesterol in Just 4 Weeks

High levels of LDL, or Low Density Lipoprotein, fail to be digested in the bloodstream. Further, LDL particles deposit themselves in vital arteries and contribute to the building of plaque. In time, enough plaque develops that can block the arteries and cause fatal conditions such as coronary artery disease, strokes and several other long-term diseases. The popular way to treat high LDL in your body is to take regular amounts of costly statin medication.

Dr Janet’s Cholesterol Down book and now the App help you take the natural way to reducing LDL cholesterol, without prescription drugs.

That Dr. Janet has turned her New York Times bestselling book into a digital utility is commendable. You can choose your daily steps, which are either a food item or a walking plan, and read a number of interesting recipes. You can read the benefits of each food item, should you have doubts and need to re-motivate yourself. You can even track your walk time automatically and update the app accordingly.

Set Goals, Get Notified, Reminded & Tracked

You can also generate activity reports. Check your LDL levels against recommended values and have a real evaluation of your health goals. There is clearly nothing better to help you maintain your schedule, than a daily digital log.

The interface is not too loud or heavy for the average smartphone application. That is, elements do not take too long to load and give the interface a no-nonsense, go-for-it feel.

You can input the quantity of the recommended food item in a daily chart to obtain the percentage of the task that you have completed. This will give you a rating-based recommendation on how well you’ve performed that task and whether there are needs for improvement.

Get daily reminders, make notes, prepare detailed reports and track your LDL reduction progress. These statistics can be very handy when your doctor asks you what you’ve been eating.

Screens, too, are quick to load and the language, simple to understand. The benefits of each food item are clearly outlined. Food preparation instructions can be quickly grasped with pictures of what the meal would look like once you decide to prepare them.

Another notable feature about Dr. Janet’s widely acclaimed low cholesterol plan is that none of the food items recommended contain allergens. Animal milk is not included and neither are gluten-filled grains. All the food items are organic and easily available in your local grocery.

It is no surprise that this one of the best, most useful apps out there to help you meet your heart health goals. Dr. Janet, well-known TV nutritionist and exercise physiologist (with a Ph.D), has been very passionate and vocal about heart healthy food and how a simple Mediterranean diet can drop your risk of heart disease, blood pressure related medical conditions and cancer, and even help you prolong your life. So, what are you waiting for? Put this app into your phone and start the journey to ‘Cholesterol Down’, now!

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