5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence can Affect SEO

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What once upon a time seemed impossible to achieve is now truly upon us. Artificial Intelligence is all over the Internet and has already extended significant effect in optimizing web content and the way it is presented to the users. The effect of AI on the SEO of a website is actually great for all individuals who are keen on creating relevant and high-quality content.

For long AI was harboured as a sci-fi idea that we only saw in movies and read about in science fiction stories. However, this technology currently is being used all over the Internet extensively. One of the most prominent effects of AI on SEO is the way it is influencing search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to determine the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

Thanks to AI many long used SEO strategies like keyword stuffing is becoming obsolete to bring in more effective strategies in the play. AI is now being used to determine the SERP rankings, thus extending a direct impact on how you can use SEO to improve a website’s ranking in the search results.

In this article, we will explore 5 ways in which machine learning and AI can affect the overall SEO industry.

Visual Content will Gain Importance

Videos, infographics, images, and all other types of visual content that a website has will help the website’s ranking immensely. If the current version of your website lacks visual content, its high time to rectify the situation. Not only well crafted visual content will serve a much wider audience base, but AI is also becoming more and more adept in distinguishing visual content and will undergo vast changes as to how these type of content are ranked on SERPs. Therefore it is clear that a website with visual content will be ranked higher than the ones without.

Machine Learning will Use Experience to Evolve:

Tractica has released a research report that states that AI revenue will reach approximately $60 billion by 2025 and Machine Learning will be one of the six primary technologies that will be responsible for this unprecedented growth.

Machine learning, an important subset of Artificial Intelligence, learns from experiences and is increasingly used by corporates to offer a better experience to the users. Google is one of the many companies, which is investing heavily in Machine Learning to refine the search queries. Google Rankbrain, the Mountain View-based company’s pet AI project uses machine-learning to enhance the relevance and trustworthiness of organic search results.

Relevant Content to Become More Important:

Keyword plays an important role in determining the SERP rankings and will continue to do so. However, what will change is the relevancy of the content. Henceforth, it is being widely speculated that relevancy will be the factor that will determine the usefulness of the content for the target audience and will determine the SERP ranking.

AI will help the search engines understand the intention of the user in a more detailed manner when they type in their queries, thus, increasing the importance of the content’s relevance significantly.

Voice and Mobile Search will Gain Traction:

Smartphone usage has increased significantly in the last ten years. More and more Internet users are using voice and mobile searches to answer their queries. While smartphone search volume continues to increase, ComScore reports that in the near future 50 per cent of the search volume will be dominated by voice searches. Thanks to these shifts, AI will be focusing more on voice and mobile searches thereby affecting the SERP rankings.

Personalized Experiences to Take the Front Seat:

With the passage of time, there have been increasing demand from the customers for personalized services, including service from search engines. Given that AI has a superior ability to understanding user intent, machine learning can be used effectively to understand what the customer might be looking for. Search engines operating on AI and machine learning can then display the most relevant results every time someone asks a question or types in a query.

All in all, AI is advancing steadily and it is already impacting billions of people who use search engines every day. Therefore, brace tight for a significant shift in the way SEO was used and the way content was ranked on the SERPs

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