Google I/O 2018: The Momentous Announcements

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A brief introduction of Google I/O

Google I/O is annual developer conference of Google. The long form of I/O is input and output but the motto of this annual conference is “Innovation in the open”. The outlines of this yearly held developer conference are to announce new technologies developed by the Google, technical sessions, and labs for participants for testing their learning. The first Google I/O was held during the year 2008, the eleventh and the most recent Google I/O 2018 was concluded during May 8th to 10, 2018.

The momentous announcements made during this I/O 2018 are as following:

The Smart Compose feature of Gmail

With a view to saving users’ time, G-Suite has come up with ‘Smart Compose’ on its Gmail platform. This novel feature is similar to auto-typing, or you can say auto-completing, where Gmail itself can create user’s email content. This feature will function based on the artificial intelligence which will recommend the subsequent words to complete the sentence. This feature is to an extent is alike to Gmail’s existing ‘smart reply’. As of now, Smart Compose is available only on Gmail’s web version which will function with the help of ‘tab’ button. The real purpose which ‘Smart Compose’ is to slash email drafting stint and grammatical errors. Gmail users can use ‘Smart Compose’ by clicking the ‘Try the new Gmail’ option.

Android P Beta Version

During Google, I/O 2018 the second preview of Android P was revealed. Android P is the ninth version of Android operating system’s series. It is focussed on ‘digital wellbeing’. The theme of ‘digital well being’ is to contract user’s time spend on smartphones by reporting the details of usage of phone and specified applications.

To compete with iPhone X, Android P is designed to work on upcoming button-less Android smartphones. This feature will work with the navigation and gesture’s assistance. The swipe icons at the bottom will replace the back and home buttons.

Another feature Android P is bringing with it ‘Shush’ mode. This feature has been added to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode in a quicker manner. Whenever ‘Shush’ mode will be on, the user can put his phone ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode by simply placing the phone face down.

In the existing smartphones, the user can either completely lock the auto-screen rotation or keep it on active mode constantly which sometimes creates irritation among its users on a little wobbling. But, Android P is rolling out a pop-up button on the side to rotate the screen.

Google Maps

A pretty cool feature is going to be introduced in Google Maps, where the user will be able to use the phone’s camera to get directions. In this feature, by simply waving her/his phone in front of her/his, she/he can manage to see the street view and get directions accordingly.

Google Lens

Another marvellous feature, naming Google Lens, has been added for bookaholics and other readers. Here, the reader can scan and copy the content of paper or book on her/his phone screen and highlight the texts over her/his phone screen straight away.

Google Lens is also coming up with another feature naming ‘Style Match’, where the user can simply scan any article, apparel or any other accessory and she/he can shop it online or can find the similar products.

Google Assistant

Siri’s and Cortana’s toe-breaker Google Assistant is coming up with highly innovative features. Enormous efforts have been made to make Google Assistant more natural and interactive. In the previous version, users were required to say “Okay Google” each time they want to talk with it but now Google Assistant works on ‘continued conversation’ concept. Now. users are no more required to say “Okay Google” at the beginning of each talk because Google will remember all of your previous answers.

With a move to evolve more sincerity practices among Google’s users especially the children fraternity, Google has added a feature where the user will get credit for each time when she/he uses ‘please’ while having a talk with Google Assistant and it will also compliment user for her/his manners.

The next level of Google Assistant is also announced naming Google Duplex which is based on the dual conversational concept. It will work in high integration with Artificial Intelligence.

Subscribe with Google

This feature has been added with a view to sort out the complication involved to access the paid content over the web pages. Because users are required to maintain multiple subscription accounts for various newsletters and e-magazines. With the assistance of this feature, the user can access the content from anywhere by simply opting for the ‘Subscribe with Google’ option.

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