6 Most Trending Mobile App Ideas for 2018

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For one well-framed idea, you need at least 100 of ideas in your mind said a renowned philosopher. Now, you may be in the dilemma that whenever you try to figure out one innovative idea for the development of a new mobile application, you find that there are already multiple applications are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and this philosopher is talking about having 100 of ideas. You may get fed up that every sphere has been explored by the app developers. This write up is especially for you just to make you realise that there are still unlimited opportunities and ideas which are completely unexplored yet. Here are six brilliant ideas for your upcoming app development project, for these applications users are craving for:

1. Book my table

Once in a life, you must have booked a movie ticket on BookMyShow or on Paytm or you might have booked a bus ticket on RedBus or Yatra. On all these platforms, you must have observed a common feature and that reserve your seat according to your preference. What if this kind of feature, user get on their smartphone while reserving a table for their partner in a restaurant? The whole idea is that users will first get the layout and sitting arrangements of the restaurants they want to visit and reserve their table according to the layout. This application’s prime target community should be couples who want special and solitude tables to enjoy their company.

2. Font detector

While driving a car, while reading a newspaper or magazine, while reading a book we witness some very unique fonts and try to find that fond on Microsoft Office and other websites but we end up with different search results just because we do not know the name of fonts we are looking for. You might be thinking, this is a very small idea but just think about graphic designers, wedding card designers, publishers’ community. This application is pretty much desirable for them. User will have to simply scan the page or document containing such font and the application will show the exact and similar fonts which can be sold by your application too.

3. Am I original?

You just visited a shopping mall and paid a visit to the Nike store. Here, your heart fell on a pair of canvas shoes and the next gaze you’ll pay to the price tag and will hardly find 10-20 per cent discount. Now you just checked the price of that pair on other sellers and will find very exciting discount but will end up with buying a replica product. Here, another idea for your upcoming application emerges, just share tips to differentiate between original and branded products, not those simple tips which are very easily accessible on web pages and are very easy to be imitated by the duplicate product manufacture.

4. Subtitles writer

Just play a random video in an alien language on YouTube, why alien? even play a video of your own language and you’ll find YouTube is providing the subtitle option. That’s a different matter, that such subtitles are not hundred per cent accurate each time. But now just imagine, you have recorded a video on your own phone and get the subtitles automatically as you will share this video with others.

5. Create a ‘Lite’ version of any app

Most of the popular application like Facebook, Instagram, Myntra etc. only provide ‘Lite’ version of their app for other applications users end with ‘no more storage capacity’ or with slow processing. Now just imagine an application like WinZip which will create a Lite version of the such a heavy size application.

6. How will this haircut look on me?

The only time you’ll like your hairstyle just before your turn arrives at the saloon because you know that the barber will not give you the exact style which you’re demanding based on some Google image results or even if he will replicate the same style you may not like it. Now just think about an application which will ask you first to upload your own picture with different angles, then it will ask for the second one i.e. your Google Image results’ picture and now you can try such different hairstyles virtually before giving it direct try on your hairs and feeling awkward in your college or office.

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