Top Digital Marketing Trends That will Dominate 2018

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Following the latest marketing techniques will constantly keep you ahead of all. Well, there is a lot of research done to compile some of the digital marketing practice but you have to choose wisely for the trends in 2018. Machine learning marketing is coming to be the latest addition to these trends. Email/Marketing Automation, Content Marketing and Analytics have put themselves in a higher position in the important list of marketing trends used by Businesses. But there are a lot more to know, pursue and watch-out for in 2018’s marketing trends.

The following goes some of the most-effective digital marketing trends in 2018:


The Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a boon till now, powering live chat tools and elimination a customer’s nightmare of waiting for support & service for hours. AI-powered chat tools or commonly known as Chatbots can give an instant reply to a common, repeatable customer query and can guide through the initial stages of support and services. With the advancement of this tech day-by-day, every company should embrace this tool to mend customer service in the online world.

Video Marketing:

Last year, video marketing saw a huge growth with positive responses pouring from all ends. Effectively, this year will see a more cutting-edge growth to this trend. Companies should incorporate this technique into their customer service, be it any aspect of it. This sort of marketing is the most effective and is said to hold over more than 80% of 2020’s data traffic. If you are still devoid of visual aids in your marketing strategy, now is the high time to include it.


Who doesn’t love stories? Everybody does! What about crafting creative short stories into your digital marketing strategy for a change? Well, it’s one of the latest addition and is surely proving to be effective. Storytelling is the most effective customer engaging practice. Shaping creative stories depicting your brand purpose with total transparency will ensure a positive appeal to the customers.

Raise the Cost of Social Advertising:

Steady traffic & organic reach sort of engagements are a thing of past now. Engaging more in advertisements over social media will gain more attraction than anything else, improving your customer database and dynamically increasing it. Well, everything comes with a cost and frequent advertisements may lighten up your rapidly, keeping in dilemma of reshaping your budget or move on to some other methods of thinning out brand awareness.

Growth Hacking:

Entrepreneurs should always stick with the potential of carefully tracking their applied strategies and coin for modification. Growth hacking is the method of experimenting with various marketing method till you find a suitable combination helping you to achieve exponential growth in sales. Video Marketing and SEO are still the best to lookout for.

User-Generated Opinions & Content:

Customers are most appealed by what the other person has posted and they trust it too. They go for other’s opinion to have the last thought over a product or service, which is why brands should turn to user-generated content to boost up their sales. If not leveraged, you can always put up reviews and testimonials to have a jump start.

Interactive Matter:

Your blogs or other content should have an interactive look instead of plain, boring face. This matters the most in content marketing planning.

Other trends include:

  • Growth in smartphone usage
  • Customer lifecycle integrated with marketing activities
  • Customization and personalization Upgradation
  • Integration of data from various sources
  • Social messaging apps & tools integration
  • Planning out a detailed Customer Engagement Plan
  • Future of AR & AI in marketing
  • Marketing Automation & Machine Learning
  • Content Marketing and SEO Integration.

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