US Hospitals Turn Away Patients due to a Ransomware Attack

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In the U.S, three hospitals have been forced to temporarily close their doors to ‘all patients except critical ones or emergencies due to a ransomware attack.

I have even lost count on how many ransomware attacks have stuck this year and it is devastating to say the least. Attackers keep taking advantages of vulnerable systems and are getting away with it more often now. If they would have some cloud based backup solutions, then they could save their data from this disaster.

The Hospitals were not taking any new Admissions

The ransomware attack, limited the usability of the computer systems at the hospitals. Criminals demanded an undisclosed ransom amount, according to the DCH health system.

The incident took place on 1st October and three hospitals were affected in Alabama. Namely, Computers at the DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, Northport Medical Center and Fayette Medical Center were infected with ransomware. Due to this unfortunate attack, hospitals were not admitting any new admissions other than emergencies and critical patient and regular patients were diverted to other facilities.

Patients with appointments were asked to call before coming in for scheduled checkups and ambulances were asked to take patients to other local hospitals.

No Information on the Attackers

The source of the attack was not disclosed and we do not know what criminal group carried out the ransomware attack. What we do know is that it was a deadly attack and a very inhuman one as they targeted hospitals and if there is no protection against these attacks, more of these will continue to happen.

This is why a DR Backup is vital

The three affected hospitals could have avoided all this if they had a proper DR Backup plan in place. Without having one, they suffered a lot of downtime and inconvenience, not to mention the risks of human lives as they could not admit new patients and people had to go to hospitals which were more far away from their homes.

Although compliance regulations force hospitals to keep backups of their data, it does not mean that their backup or systems are ransomware proof. Leveraging a DR Backup plan is vital in order to ensure complete ransomware protection. It can protect your systems and data against ransomware and other cyber-attacks and also natural disasters. As it saves snapshots of your data and offers encryption so that you can access your data and recover it even remotely.

Setting up a cloud based disaster recovery solution or cloud backup and recovery solution, whatever you may call it, is now as easy as ever with many vendors offering great affordable and reliable packages, like StoneFly.


The attack on the hospitals was a very unfortunate event and was an eye opener that these attackers can attack anywhere and at any time. Without a proper DR Backup, it is impossible for a hospital or any organization to recover from such attacks and gives encouragement to these attackers for future attacks. It is best to get a Cloud disaster recovery solution before it is too late.

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