Why Wikipedia Is A Powerful Marketing Tool For Personal Branding And Business

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Have you ever noticed that whenever you make a search query, a Wikipedia page is the first link that appears at the top of the search engine result page? Therefore, if you search for any renowned brand or company or a recognized personality, a Wikipedia page related to those will come at the top of the results page. Not only does this platform provide you with information on a wide array of topics and subjects, instead it is a great tool to incorporate characteristics like authenticity, credibility, and reliability in your business organization and brand.

Where every business and brand wants international recognition and great market stature and reputation, many organizations and companies fail in doing successful product marketing and business branding. Where a well-designed logo and great advertising campaign play an important part in marketing, a great marketing platform can contribute to conveying your business message across the global targeted audience and converting that audience into potential business patrons.

Well-constituted marketing strategies are the backbone and the key player in the success of every business. Without a great marketing strategy and branding tactics, making your business an internationally-recognized brand is an impossibility. There are numerous ways to promote your brand and to gain a reputable position and market stature.

One such way is to use Wikipedia for marketing means and purposes. Sounds confusing? Read on if you want to know how Wikipedia can be a great tool for marketing and branding. Let’s start with the basics of Wikipedia.

What is Wikipedia?

According to Alexa, it is the fifth most visited website on the internet. At it is core, Wikipedia is the largest and most comprehensive and collaborative encyclopedia. This digital encyclopedia is run and administered by thousands of wiki-volunteers from across the globe. It is an open-source website which means anyone could write and edit the content on it. What makes Wikipedia different from other digital encyclopedia is that it doesn’t hire professional or freelance content writers to compose posts and articles.

However, it is crucial to understand that Wikipedia is not like an ordinary marketing platform where you can promote and brand your business and products openly and without any restrictions. If appropriately leveraged, using Wikipedia as a marketing tool can provide you with multitudes of business and marketing benefits and returns.

Reasons to get your business and brand listed on Wikipedia:

Every business has a distinguished brand identity, well-thought-out-business vision, and a goal of expanding and building their brand towards business success. Not only Wikipedia helps you in legitimizing your visions and objectives, but it also assists you in signifying your brand in front of the massive global audience. Benefitting you with all that and more, Wikipedia also offers these services for building awareness and elevating market stature and position:

  • Whether you create a Wikipedia biography or a compose a simple wiki-article, once your written content is live on Wikipedia you can access it and edit its existing content to fine-tune the details or to update the content.
  • Getting listed on Wikipedia is definitely a big deal as not every company and business makes it through the reviewing and publication processes. Getting a page on Wikipedia provides your brand with increased credibility, improved online presence, and guaranteed brand supremacy and validity.
  • Since a wiki-page is the first link on every search engine results page, your brand’s Wikipedia page is sure to provide you with increased digital visibility.
  • Improved and better SEO is the ultimate target of every digital marketer, business owner, and entrepreneur. However, a Wikipedia page can do just the job and that too free of charges.
  • It adds a layer of credible website presence, which in turn presents your business and brand with integrity and reliability.
  • If a well-constituted marketing strategy is the driving force of the business sales and profits, then Wikipedia marketing and wiki-page are the accelerating force needed to speed-up the business growth, profits, and returns.
  • Your brand’s Wikipedia page act as the catalyst which escalates not only escalates your business expansions but also plays a pivotal role in generating positive business revenues.

Wikipedia holds a leading position in every Google result page, which means you get a free-of-cost and automatic boost in SEO. Since Google prefers Wikipedia over other informational sources and encyclopedia, having a page in Wikipedia also gets a place in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Importance of Wiki-guidelines and rules:

There’s no doubt that Wikipedia does provide you with all these benefits and profits but reaping all these benefits require strict observance of Wikipedia page creation and writing guidelines and rules. Or else, you will be at the risk of getting your page flagged or deleted or worse account blocked.

At its core, Wikipedia is an informational source and digital encyclopedia, which is the main reason as to why it doesn’t support promotional tone and advertorial content. It’s also the main reason as to why many companies don’t go for Wikipedia marketing or fail badly in doing it.

If you are going to use Wikipedia as a marketing tool, make sure to take some time out to understand its guidelines and rules.

A brief overview of Wikipedia guidelines:

Having a clear idea about the Wikipedia page creation process and understanding of the wiki-rules are two core ingredients essential for developing a successful Wikipedia page. Mentioned below are the fundamental principles of Wikipedia page creation process:

  • First things first, get yourself registered on Wikipedia and make an authentic wiki-account.
  • Determine your brand’s notability.
  • Gather all the authentic and credible information sources regarding your business and brand. Don’t include using essays, press releases, magazine interviews, or original research in citations or as references. Since Wikipedia supports unbiased content, don’t use marketing tone in your wiki-post.
  • If you can’t find credible sources online, do a little public research before composing your article.


Undoubtedly, the task of creating a Wikipedia page is a tedious one. From account registration to neutral research and unbiased content composition, making a Wikipedia page has it owns challenges but getting it right can provide you with numerous promising advantages.  

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