Why You Should Consider Creating Your Own App

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Having a website for your business no longer gives you the competitive advantage it once did a decade or two ago. Nowadays, you have to go beyond the browser to give your brand that “wow” factor. Enter mobile apps. An app offers many benefits for businesses of all sorts and sizes, be it a small firm or a large multinational corporation. That being said, it can sometimes be hard to justify allocation of resources towards building an app. The technical skill set required and the maintenance costs involved can easily discourage someone from building their own app. Here are six reasons that may convince you to build an app:

Offers Higher Brand Visibility

It’s not just businesses that can benefit from a mobile app. Anyone looking to build a brand, such as artists and field experts, can benefit from higher visibility afforded by a mobile app. According to Flurry Analytics, the average American uses his/her mobile device for at least two hours each day. And of that time, 86 percent is spent on apps and only 14 percent on browsers. Creating your own app can help you grab that two hours of attention from your target market.

Allows Direct Marketing to Consumers

You can load your mobile app with all of the information you would like your users to know about, from exclusive deals, new releases, upcoming promotions, and so on. Any piece of data that you deem important to your customer base can be pushed into your app and at their fingertips in a matter of minutes. This level of efficiency from a direct marketing standpoint is unprecedented. With push notifications, your ability to market directly to your customers is vastly improved. You can even set these reminders to automatically deploy on a schedule, so you can market your products/services in a precisely timed and efficient manner.

Allows Better Customer Engagement

Creating an app for your business doesn’t just give you more ways to reach your audience; it also gives them another channel to reach you whenever they need to. Having an app with a help desk or instant messaging feature can make all the difference in user experience. If they encounter a problem or have an inquiry, they don’t want to open up a browser, even if it’s on your mobile device, to write a ticket or contact a representative through chat or email. With an app, questions and concerns are addressed faster, which means you also convert leads into paying customers or subscribers faster.

Can Be Your Distinctive Appeal

Depending on how you build and market it, your app can be the proverbial moat that protects you from competitors. Despite the fact that an increasing number of businesses now have a website, apps remain more of an optional accessory rather than a must-have asset. Luckily these days, app maker platforms can help you build rich, custom-built mobile applications in a matter of hours. The maintenance costs are relatively low and you have a ton of control over design and functionality.

Fosters Customer Loyalty

The sheer amount of advertising that surrounds us today – radio shout outs, roadside billboards, aerial banners, TV commercials, flyers, coupons, site banners and popups, etcetera. This prolonged exposure to advertising is resulting in a gradual decline in meaningful connections between customers and businesses. While an app doesn’t directly solve that connection problem, it can serve as a gesture to your customers of your efforts to stay connected with them at all times, which can promote customer loyalty over time.

It Makes Your Brand Look Young

Not having a mobile app for your business may create the public perception that your brand is antiquated and can’t compete in today’s marketplace. These are qualities you do not want being associated with your brand, especially if your target audience is of a younger demographic. A mobile app, if nothing else, makes your business look like a player in the 21st century.

If you are still having reservations about shelling out money to build your business an app, keep in mind that these reasons mentioned above can easily offset the upfront overhead costs. If built and executed correctly, you can improve your lead conversion rate, which in turn yields better sales and profits.

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